The Known World

So I made a Dungeons and Dragons setting. Yeah, I know, very nerdy. I’m a huge nerd and I’m gonna nerd it up because that’s how I roll (PUNS!).

The Known World is a place where Pirates buckle swashes. It is a place where “good” and “evil” are not absolutes. It is a place yet to be fully mapped. There be monsters at the edge and the edge is much closer than you might think! Ancient ruins dot the landscape in every nation. Magics and technology from the Iron Scale Empire are still unearthed even one thousand years after they fell. These discoveries have changed the world, birthed the Five Nations, and could destroy everything the common folk hold dear.

The gods are said to exist in all things but do they walk the surface of the land? What of The Ancient Ones beyond the horizon? They offer power but at what cost?

It is through the actions of the Heroes of The Known World that things change. It is their actions that bless or damn, save or destroy, will they act for others or for their own gain? Why not both?

  • Planetouched – Tieflings and Aasimar in The Known World
  • Elves – Everything you ever wanted to know about the various types of Elves that make The Known World home.
  • Orcs – The most hated creatures in The Known World.
  • The Iron Scale Empire – A small taste of those who once ruled the entire world and hints of what they really left behind.
  • The Great Old Ones – There are things that should never be allowed entry into the world…
  • The Lesson – A bit of Vale politics.
  • Pirates – Who doesn’t like pirates?
  • Scourge of Saint Benedict – Monster hunters!
  • Shadow Children – Born where darkness and light merge.
  • Below – Warnings of the dangers of digging too deep…
  • Living Spells – The results of powerful magic used in horrible ways.
  • Known World Origin Story – An “in universe” explanation of the Known World’s creation from a priest to their acolyte.


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