Name: Max Peters

Title at Day Job: Quality Assurance Analyst at Blizzard Entertainment

Older Writing SamplesAnimachina – The Machine Soul

Creative Stuff:

  • Co-Head Storyteller for the Dying Kingdoms LARP from 2014-2015
  • Creator of The Known World Dungeons and Dragons Setting
  • Writer of many a piece of flash fiction
  • Creator of the Ordo Humanus Science Fiction setting
    • Home to several short stories, a couple of in progress novels, and a mothballed pen and paper role playing system
  • Former Man in Black for Steve Jackson Games
    • Creator of several GURPS Transhuman Space scenarios which I ran at various conventions many years ago.

I absolutely need to create. I feel recharged when I make something, I make things every day, and I write constantly.

The biggest piece of advice I have to writers? JUST FRIGGIN WRITE! It doesn’t have to be good, hell it probably won’t be, but when you make creation a habit instead of a chore it feeds instead of drains.

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