The Known World – The Truth of The World

The following is an “in universe” explanation of the Known World’s creation from a priest to an acolyte. Enjoy!

In ancient times, before mortal memory, when there was naught but idea and formless chaos there were The Gods. Realities pure and corrupt appeared and vanished as bubbles around a moving oar. All was impermanent and meaningless chaos.

While creatures may have come to be, grown old, and died in those bubble realms their struggles were nothing. When reality can be made and unmade between a blinking eye do the actions of any truly matter?

The Gods who birthed those ephemeral places existed in bliss but even immortal concepts can grow bored. Eventually a group of divinities combined their palaces to converse in the firmament and discovered that there were limits to what even they could do.

One among them, The Loving Father Tor, a being of infinite wisdom, knew of a way to increase the strength of the divine. It had been his call that brought the other divinities together, his plan that was brought into their sphere of attention, and his honeyed words that convinced them to invest a part of their nature to gain future power.

This bargain, a contract signed upon The Tablets of the Real in immutable stone, dictated the truths of the cosmos and created time, life, death, and the whole of creation as we know it.

Why do you laugh?

Is the idea stranger than a wizard’s magic or the longevity of elves?

It is a simple fact my child.

The physical world twas created by The Gods to give life meaning for only a permanent world lets creatures grow. Only that growth empowers actions on the behest of The Gods. Only the striving of mortal creatures could grant the divine strength enough to keep our world safe from The Great Old Ones who gibber beyond the world.

This is the meaning of your life.

The gods as a group created the cosmos but it was Tor who created the engine the empowers all the other Gods.

Tor didn’t create our physical forms, that duty fell to all The Gods. No, Tor alone created our souls and, by extension, created The Curse of Will that the Fallen so revile when they stay too long in our world.

You see, my child, you are born free to decide to whom you dedicate your actions and your soul. That includes dedicating yourself to no higher power. This is a selfish impulse, and a waste, but the choice is yours to make.

The One True Church calls this very idea blasphemy and refuses to acknowledge the worship of any gods beyond Tor and his Saints. The Inquisition burns heretics and non-believers in The Capital’s Grand Pyre daily for this very reason.

They inspire fear in their subjects and use that fear to grant Tor power.

This is undeniably effective but we know better.

Tor is a Loving Father who knows the difference between fear and love. It is written in The Book of Truths that love is five fold stronger than fear. It is for this reason that we preach upon the God Stair of Freeport Deep to any who pass by.

This is the true holy war of our world and it is our duty to ensure that more come to faith through love than through fear so that Tor and all The Gods remain strong enough to keep The Great Old Ones at bay.

Now, let us pray…


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