Nausicaä Powered By Fate – Paranormal Abilities

In Fate Extras are optional rules that make your game what it is. Extras can be used for things like weapons, armor, organizations, huge monsters, special powers, etc. NPbF makes use of a few Extras but the one most likely to hook your players is Paranormal Abilities.

Paranormal Abilities

The Movie versus The Manga

The film version of Nausicaä leaves Paranormal abilities as vague qualities with comments by characters regarding Nausicaä’s “special power” or her ability to see the wind. The manga is far more explicit. Given that this project is really an adaptation of the manga I’ve decided to give them more detail and pride of place. Feel free to ignore this Extra if you want to tell a story closer to the movie than to the manga.

Paranormal Abilities

In Nausicaä stories there are several characters that exhibit psychic abilities, including Nausicaä herself. The origins of these abilities are left murky and they usually manifest when the plot needs them to (so a character may not need to start the game with them already figured out!). In short the serve to move and create story so they’re completely fine to include as a PC option.

In order for a character to manifest these abilities they need to have a Permission Aspect that helps explain how they might be a little more than normal. Slug handlerBorn of the forest, and Master of the Crypt can all be examples of Permission Aspects should your GM agree.

Players have a number of options when it comes to acquiring this Permission Aspect:

  1. They can dedicate one of their starting aspects as Permission Aspect at character creation if they already know they want their character to have some weirdness to them.
  2. They can use a Milestone to change an existing Aspect into a Permission Aspect if plot developments make it clear they are discovering something profound and strange about who they thought they were.
  3. They can use an unclaimed aspect slot to “manifest” a new Permission Aspect during play.

It’s important to keep in mind that these abilities are very rare in the stories and should be limited to only one or two player characters and maybe a handful of NPCs.

Once a Permission Aspect is assigned characters can use Stunt slots for specific Paranormal Abilities. Characters are still limited by Refresh to how many Stunts they can have (3 free stunts and up to 3 more stunts at a cost of 1 Refresh each). Paranormal Ability Stunts can be changed as normal via Milestones.

Note: Paranormal abilities often have pre-requisites like other paranormal abilities, skill ranks, etc. which should be listed in the ability’s entry. This is not an exhaustive list so feel free to create your own abilities but keep in mind that they’re all psychic so avoid things like third arms and finger blades.

Soul ProjectionParanormal Ability Stunts

  • Forest Kin: You can use use Rapport to speak directly to giant insects. They understand you and can be convinced of things but they only reply with basic emotions and drives.
  • The Mind’s Grasp: You can use Will in place of Physique to move any target you can see without touching it.
  • The Mind’s Fist (Requires The Mind’s Grasp): You can now focus your mind to such an extent that you can cause direct injury to targets. You can use Will as a physical attack against any target you can see.
  • Heart Speech: You are able to mentally communicate with anyone you can see regardless language barriers.
  • Open Heart (Requires Heart Speech): You can now project your intent over an area letting you send your thoughts to everyone within 2 zones of you.
  • Augmented Truth (Require’s Heart Speech): You are able to project false impressions to anyone you are connected to via Heart’s Speech letting you replace anything they’d normally perceive with anything you want them to experience instead. This is limited to sight and sound only and cannot be used to cause pain or mimic tactile senses.
  • Heart’s Flight (Requires Heart Speech): You are able to telepathically communicate with others over any distance. You need to have used Heart Speech on the target previously to become familiar with them. Once this is done you will be able to contact them at any time should they be willing to listen. A contest of Will can be used to force a target to hear you if need be. Either you or the target can end the connection at any time with a contest of Will.
  • Dream Assault (Requires Heart’s Flight): You are able to project yourself into the dreams and nightmares of anyone you could use Heart’s Flight on. You appear as part of your target’s dreamscape in a guise that they accept as normal. Once connected in this way you can use Provoke to take control of your target’s dream and Create Advantages or Attack them. Your target defends with Will and can escape the dream or force you out via a Contest of Will once they realize they’re being attacked. This ability can also be used to communicate with your target through their dreams or to take control of their dreams to show them what you want without causing harm.
  • Soul Form: At the cost of a Fate Point you can project your mind outward to create a psychic projection that you can see and use other paranormal abilities through. While in this form you can move in any direction at a normal walking pace regardless of any physical as long as you can see your intended destination through this form. You defend against all physical attacks with Will and anything that damages your form causes Mental Stress. If you are Taken Out while in this form you snap back to your body and recover. You cannot be killed while in this form regardless of how completely you are dispersed. Those without Paranormal Abilities cannot perceive you in this form unless you’ve used a Paranormal Ability on them in the past or use a paranormal ability on them while in this form.
  • Nihilistic Touch (Requires Soul Form): You are able to use Will to mentally attack anyone you can see while in Projected Soul.




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