The Known World – Below

Opening The Door
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Under The Capital there are half a hundred nightmares for the foolhardy and the brave. Some would tell you it’s best to leave such things alone. Let the weight of ages keep them hidden, keep them sleeping.

They tell you these things even as they delve deeper themselves.

It was through mining the dark places that Denebre built his empire. It was in the dank reaches where he found the secret of Dragon’s Breath. Now his decedents continue their conquests even after renaming an entire continent in honor of their might.

I tell you there are darker things still under that great city. I tell you that the stones have power that could be harnessed. I tell you that the Iron Scale built the place and made mischief deep below.

Magics, ancient beasts, treasures beyond imagining, all for the taking!

I know you fear it and it is said that fear can be good for some. It’s good for the Church of Tor as it keeps you in line. It’s good for Denebre as it keeps you from digging, keeps you from competing.

I say fear is for fools! I say dig into the dark placesand find something to make you feared instead!

– Xul the Storyteller


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  1. Reblogged this on Tome and Tomb and commented:
    It is indeed a good idea in your milieu to build at least one major city atop ruins such as described here. Whether the current inhabitants fully realize that or not, or realize the full implications of that or not is another matter.

    But yeah, down, and down through prior ages is as good a direction as any, and often the very best direction.


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