The Known World – The Lesson

Colonial Advisor
Image source

An avenger is born from the ashes of every tragedy if you let your enemies survive.

They will just come back at you filled with wroth and the next thing you know they’ve galvanized your other foes, fought through your defenses, and found their way to your bed chamber covered in the blood of your protector.

As you will soon be the leader of this great nation I have some advice for you:

Kill every single enemy you ever make. Kill their families. Kill an entire people if you have to. Murder them to the last.

Harsh? Harshness is the only true mercy.


Oh I see, you think that when I say “murder” I mean that they die screaming or otherwise suffer for their transgressions. No, suffering shouldn’t be part of your thinking, you aren’t killing them as a punishment, you’re just removing a threat.

Efficiency dear one.

Far more important than whatever joy you might get from seeing your adversary’s pain. Kill them fast and efficient. Kill them before they know why they’re dying. Kill them so they don’t see the blade.


The survivors shouldn’t know who is doing the killing or why. If they don’t know then they can’t become your enemy, can’t get revenge, and you won’t have to add them to the pile.

That’s real mercy. That’s saving lives.

That kind of thinking built this nation and it’s that kind of thinking that will keep us strong.

-Admiral Tarsus to Princess Esmeralda of The Vale

Further Reading

To see the victims of this kind of thinking check out The Known World – Orcs. Also the picture in this article is of Myles Standish who was hired by the Pilgrims as military adviser for Plymouth Colony. He became famous for his doctrine of preemptive strikes against those he saw as a threat the colony.



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