The Known World – Iron Scale Empire

“The Iron Scale Empire ruled over all. It was a horrible time,” the ancient gnomish professor took a drag from his pipe and shook his head. “We lived and died for the entertainment of creatures who lacked souls. Then, one day, they were just gone and we were free.

“How?” a young student asked from behind her fluttering fan.

“Bugger if I know,” the professor laughed. “My great grandmother was free and that’s all that mattered. Been free for a thousand years and we’re gonna keep it that way!”

The Rise of The Iron Scale Empire

Dragonborn Wizard
Image Source

In the dim time before the Iron Scale enslaved the world, in the predawn light of history half remembered…there were Beasts. The world was ravaged by them, torn open and bleeding.

To those trying to live in that time freedom was just a choice to run or to be eaten. No soul died of old age and everyone was young.

It was because of the eaters, the consumers, the destroyers, those Immortal Beasts; they rampaged across the world unchecked for years uncounted and thinking creatures knew only death.

Then the Iron Scale came and fought the Beasts. With their magics and their cunning they battled and, one by one, the Beasts were subdued and hidden away.

The world was safe and suddenly a new state came upon the minds of those who had known only fear. They learned to hope. It was a golden time and it was all to short.

The Iron Scale turned from liberation to conquest. They butchered the new world and pulled away freedom like a fisherman gutting their catch. Life was longer under the Iron Scale, that was true, but for many a short brutal existence was preferable to a long and soul crushing one.

How long did the Iron Scale rule? It is impossible to say. What is time to a slave without hope? Time has only existed for one thousand years.

The works of the Iron Scale, their horrors, their glories, and their servants remained behind after they vanished. The slaves found them and used them. There as much pain and suffering when time began but at least the people of the Known World were free.

The Immortal Beasts

Immortal Beast One
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What of those ancient creatures that the Iron Scale subdued? It is said that they are immortal. It is said that they can only be imprisoned and never destroyed. It is said that they are The Great Old Ones but if that was true the universe would simply unravel.


The Beasts sleep in their primordial tombs far below the world. May they continue to do so lest the evils of the Iron Scale pale in comparison to the slaughter they would bring.

Game Stuff

Dragonborn are not a playable race in The Known World. They’re all gone; vanished with their empire. Yep, totally gone…not to come back…ever…seriously… *nothing to see here whistling*



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