Opening Salvo

I’ve had a blog over at Blogspot for a couple of years. It’s been toiling away as a place to shove completed fiction and other writing samples. I’m going to continue to use it for that purpose but I wanted a place where I could do more than just put out my fiction. I needed a space on the web that would have my actual name attached to it.

In ages past, in the long long ago, I was pretty active on Livejournal. Those were happy, carefree, but highly dramatic times. Through that site there was engagement but it wasn’t as “real” as I wanted it to be. It also had this tacit understanding that it was the place for my innermost feelings to hide out and be safe. Those were good things, to be sure, but I’m not in that place anymore. Now I’m attempting to be a real writer. I’m taking it seriously.

That means that having my name attached to my work is paramount. That means that I need a website that is easily connected to the stuff I do. That means I’m not hiding behind a pseudonym or other internet handle. It’s terrifying yet I think it might be the right time.

So welcome Max Writes Stuff. I swear I’ve never written any porn despite the perfect name…


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